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Lockdown Knick-Knacks

Bijgewerkt op: 25 apr. 2020

This Covid-19 virus attacks the whole world, but people in need are even more targeted.

To help them I invented my Lockdown Knick-Knacks, remembering the colourful cookies I delighted in when I was still a child.

Their sugary pastel colours on top of a tiny round biscuit comforted me, and that is exactly what I intend to do with my knick-knacks: comforting you in times of Covid lockdown... Works of art can connect people.

My knickknacks are tiny.

First Edition:

The first one is a little painting-in-a-box, 13 by 18 cm, and there are 100 of them.

Put together, they form a big painting linking buyer and receiver.

Each work you purchase will help De Haven as 20 euros are donated to this foundation initiated by bailiff Anne Van Den Berghe to support single mothers through debt mediation.

Price is € 200 included delivery to your door or the door of whom you want to offer the work to.

Have a Lockdown Knick-Knacks and keep up the good work!'

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